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Here are some projects I worked for !

Karbon Editor

environmental impacts

What is it about ? 🌱

A web application that enables people from the food industry to understand the environmental impact caused by their activity. This is a collaborative tool that aims at making eco-designing food products easier.

My participation in this project:

  • Fullstack development (React, Node, GraphQL, Typescript)
  • Hiring, onboarding, training and coaching of team members
  • Project management
  • Management of UI/UX freelance workers
  • CI/CD

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Beyond Asset

beyond asset screenshots (source)

What is it about ? 👷‍♀️

Beyond Asset is an asset management solution that manages and optimises the condition and maintenance of any infrastructure.

My participation in this project:

  • Technical dependencies management
  • Fullstack development (Angular, Node, MongoDB)
  • CI/CD
  • General troubleshooting

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Wattics Dashboard

dashboard with electricity consumption

What is it about ? ⚡

Enterprise Energy Management Software for Smart Meters, Sensors. A user friendly dashboard to monitor energy consumption, and extract meaningful information out of tons of data.

My participation in this project:

  • Fullstack development (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React) with features such as white labeling, costs calculation, localization, …
  • UI redesign
  • Automatic testing

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